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The Issue Isn’t Whether You Agree With The Protestors. The Issue Is Their RIGHT To Disagree.

Feb 20, 2022 | Charter Rights, Free Speech, Opinions

The author of this article is Kevin Hamel of Chilliwack, BC. It was shared on his Facebook Newsfeed and has been reposted here with his permission.

There seems to be a basic misunderstanding here. The issue isn’t whether you agree with the protesters….which is mostly what I am hearing from the “shut up and go home” crowd. The issue is their RIGHT to disagree with political policy and to protest that policy peacefully. It’s one of the core rights protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It’s that charter that has been totally disregarded. It is currently rule by force. Dictatorship 101. Beat your opponents into submission.

The Prime Minister has:

  • not attempted to listen or even acknowledge their grievances.
  • gone from calling them a “fringe minority made up of neo-nazis, racists, anti-trans and any other label he could think of, to calling them a group of insurgents bent on overthrowing democracy.
  • provided NO evidence to substantiate any of these accusations.
  • Frozen bank accounts of ordinary citizens that support the protesters.
  • stolen gas and food from these peaceful people.
  • had them trampled by horses, tear gassed, pistol whipped, arrested,….etc, etc, etc.

All because they peacefully disagree with him.

For those of you who think this isn’t the biggest crisis our country has ever faced, that same charter protects your right to elections, the basic needs to exist, your right to choose how you want to live your life.

You can’t pick and choose your rights. If you condone these actions, you have given up all your rights. What is to stop him from demonizing the official opposition (which he IS doing), calling them a threat to democracy and permanently closing parliament? After all, they are disagreeing with him, as well.

A few days ago a friend told me, “I’ll express my opinion at the ballot box”. That, my friend, is 3 years away and there is absolutely no assurance that an election will happen if we don’t stand up, STAND UP RIGHT NOW, AND SAY “NO! ENOUGH!”
If you think this is being overly dramatic, then history isn’t your strong suit.