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Responses From Those Protesting Outside Politicians’ Homes In Calgary

Jan 12, 2022 | Calgary Freedom Central, Opinions

This post appeared on Calgary Freedom Central’s Facebook Page on January 11, 2022 in reply to media requests for “comments from the protesters”.

Multiple media outlets have reached out today for comments from the protesters who visited Jyoti Gondek’s house yesterday and Jason Copping’s home on January 1st.

The protesters have asked Calgary Freedom Central to post their answers to their questions here. The media is welcome to quote from these answers in their coverage of this story.

1. Why are you protesting at these politicians’ homes?

For over a year and a half we have been protesting non-stop the government’s excessive overreach into our lives and businesses on the premise of a public health emergency. We have held in excess of a hundred protests around the city, as well as sent thousands of emails to our MLA’s and city councillors to express our concerns about these measures.

Not once has any politician seriously considered any public input on these policies that have dramatically affected the well-being and livelihoods of millions of Albertans. Instead, they have responded with hate speech and slander against the people they are meant to represent, calling anyone who stands up for their rights and freedoms self-serving racists, misogynists, conspiracy theorists and other names.

Their policies and rhetoric have driven many thousands of Albertans into joblessness, ill-health and despair. They have torn apart families and destroyed childhoods with their fear-based narrative and unscientific mandates. They have forced their overreaching policies into the homes of every Albertan and have ignored all opposing voices.

They have hid themselves away from any form of public accountability for nearly two years. So we now feel it is time to take our message to their homes, and we have received overwhelming support for these protests from the public.

2. Do you feel your message is being heard?

It has become very clear to us that after nearly two years, none of these politicians are willing to listen to the voices of the people they supposedly represent. It seems to us that they are taking their orders from Justin Trudeau and elsewhere, and have relinquished all accountability to the people of Alberta.

3. Do you plan on protesting at other homes?

Yes. We expect to continue protesting outside their homes until all vaccine and mask mandates and restrictions are removed and an open dialogue is started with the public.

4. Would you welcome a conversation with these politicians?

Yes, we would welcome an open conversation that allows for the voices of the public and uncensored medical professionals to be heard.

5. What do you say to people who think you shouldn’t be protesting at their homes?

These politicians have entered the homes of every Albertan over the past 22 months with their draconian policies, while ignoring or disallowing all voices of dissent. They have neglected their duties as elected representatives and have disregarded the very foundations of our democracy.

They have now decided that they have the right to impose experimental medical procedures on the population through coercion, threats and intimidation. This goes far beyond their responsibilities as elected representatives, making it a personal matter for which they must be held accountable by the people.

They believe it is acceptable for them to threaten and intimidate Albertans, but cry foul when the people show up to peacefully protest at their homes. This reveals the profound level of hypocrisy within our current political establishment.

If they were to actually listen to the voices of their constituents, there would not be a need for protests outside their homes. If they were acting lawfully and in the best interest of the people they are supposed to represent, they would not have any reason to be concerned about people protesting outside their homes.