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Crude & Rude Does Not Win The Day

Jan 11, 2022 | Uncategorized

We are in a war in 2022. We have been for at least the last two years.

It’s a war of truth versus lies, liberty versus socialism, free will and consequences versus government control and coercion, light versus darkness, good versus evil.

War brings out the best in us and, unfortunately, the worst in us.

Some will stand against the evil. Others will succumb to it.

But that is only the beginning of the battle.

Unlike in a military war, the war we’re in today isn’t fought with guns and bombs. It’s fought with words and actions.

What we say and do, and how we say and do it, can either support the war effort for our position or it will work against us.

What  do I mean?

As this war wages on, I believe many people, who at one time believed everything the government, the mainstream media and big pharma had to say, are now beginning to ‘feel’ some doubt.

Many are beginning to feel, or may have felt this way for some time, uneasy with the narrative that is being spun by governments and media.

Slivers of light (of truth) are beginning to pierce through their consciousness. And these slivers of light (of truth) have an opportunity to pierce through fear, certainty, pride and create a chasm of hope that the light may be able to break through.

If it breaks through, there is an opportunity for an individual to slowly begin to reevaluate their position. To question what they have believed. To become open to hearing a different narrative, one based on truth and science, not fear and coercion.

For those beginning to see and acknowledge the truth how we treat them, our words and actions, can either block their journey or grease the skids for them.

We ALL need grace.

Crude & Rude Block The Light, The Truth From Getting In

It is so easy to be crude and rude in this war we are in. Both ‘sides’ have been guilty of this. Shaming, ridiculing, mocking, bragging.

Is it any wonder families and friends are fractured?

When we geel right about our position, and when we know we have other supporters on our side, it can be easy to shame, ridicule and mock those who see things differently or disagree with us. In particular when the battle seems to be going our way, but even when it isn’t.

Shaming, ridiculing and mocking those who see things differently is much easier to do … especially when it comes to sharing social media … than being honest about what we know and feel, sharing it and allowing others to agree or disagree with us.

The problem with this is that often our words and our behavior work against us and can shut out the small rays of light (truth) that might be able to penetrate the minds and hearts of those who need to hear the truth.

Personally, I’ve been guilty of this. Sharing content that had no real value other than to provoke anger. Words that belittled and shamed those who didn’t agree with me, and did little else than that.

Here’s the thing. Sharing the truth may offend those who disagree with us about what is the truth.

But one of the weapons of our true enemy in this war (the enemy of both sides) is to create division among those of us in this battle.

We fuel this division not by sharing the truth but by ridiculing, shaming and mocking those who disagree with us.





The truth is, especially when we feel right and like others are on our side, to shame, ridicule, mock and brag. Others support us and encourage us. It’s easier than being honest about what we know and feel, sharing it and allowing others to agree or disagree with us.

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”
Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

For the last two plus years, the war to defeat COVID-19 has resulted in two sides (assuming we leave out the government bureaucrats and politicians, mainstream media, and big pharma) at cross purposes.

Both sides (except the government bureaucrats and politicians, mainstream media, and big pharma) want to see life return to some sense of normalcy. We want to be able to earn a living, go about our daily lives whether that be going out to eat, going to a gym, going to a concert or hockey game, etc. We want our children to be able to go to school and enjoy life with other kids, without masks, able to play sports and play in playgrounds, hang out with their friends, celebrate their graduations, etc.


For those beginning to see and acknowledge the truth,